Art & Glass Showroom  |  Area - 700 sq. yds.   |  Mohali, India, Ongoing

Located in Gurugram, this art & glass showroom incorporates modern architecture as its theme. A metal-glass abstract concept has been inculcated in this impeccable structure.

The materials used on the façade are a representation of the materials the company is promoting. Three different types of glass have been used to compose an abstract design. The building’s design consists of column free floor plan and universal access. Double height entrance has been used to enhance the grandness. The façade is made of all glass, but is sheltered with different types of metal filtering the light in a playful manner.

The highlight of the project is a ceramic glass analogue clock which is situated on the top of Building, easy to be viewed from a distance. This showroom succeeds in creating an enduring experience for the customer.