DCM Project  |  Area - 1000 sq. m.   |  Udyog Vihar,Gurgaon, India, 2016 (Proposed)

The Building is rested on a T-Point Primary Road of Udyog Vihar, Gurugram. Following the concept of sustainability & modernism, the Design of the building is proposed to Achieve LEED Platinum rating by Installing features like solar panels.

Facing the south sun to take maximum advantage of the sunlight, the energy that is generated can be used as a backup. Also it acts as an insulation barrier for the lower floor level. Double – glazed, heat resistant glass panels are proposed to be used in the façade. This will cut down the harsh sun and reduce the sun gain through walls (Maximum At South Side). A skin of concrete and green panels on the southern facade have been provided. Horizontal Projections have been provided by adding horizontal louvers in a vertical screen infused with Green Walls.

Column free office space, open floor plans & minimum number of core spaces cover the entire building. It has provision of free flow vehicular movement & Universal access throughout the building.