IT Office Building  |  Area - 1000 meter sq.   |  Udyog Vihar, India, 2019

The tallest building soaring in Udyog Vihar in the 1000 sq. meter category is the perfect mix of modern & sustainable fusion.

Comprising two basements, two stilts for stack parking & seven floors it transcends all the boundaries of contemporary architecture. Carbon footprint emissions are extremely low because of the smart sustainable feature of the building. Starting from double glazed glass, centralized vrv air-conditioning system, rooftop garden and this design consideration helped the building get decorated by a 5-star GRIHA rating (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment). Having a monumental entrance to open floor plans & rooftop luxuries like terrace garden is another remarkable feature of this building.

The notion of assimilating a sustainable design concept here is to curb the jeopardy of the hot and dry climate, thus enhancing the aesthetics of the building.