IT Park  |  Area - 2000 sq. m.   |  Delhi, India, Ongoing

An immaculate display of modern architecture is shown in this building located in Delhi. The concept was to build an office tower with two skins of glass facade that resembles a "dramatic edge", highlighting the Double Heighted Entrance and Porch.

This building features a curved glass shell that appears to fold over itself. The First layer of the glass consists of Vertical Curtains that make up the Large fixed windows of the office. The Overlapping Skin of the Glass is at the balcony level and consists of Horizontal Mullions. The exterior wall has a sharp edged form that accentuates the tower's height with the front facade opening like a dramatic entrance. Carbon footprint emission is extremely low because of the smart sustainable feature the building has. Starting from double glazing glass, cooling tower system, rooftop garden, all these design considerations helped the building get decorated by platinum LEED rating (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Aesthetics & sustainability merge to form a flawless structure.