KS Tower  |  Area - 3000 meter sqm   |  Film City, Noida, India, 2016

The concept of this sprawling building spread across a 3000 meter square area, is an eccentric volumetric play with addition and subtraction. Following a modern architecture theme, it is a visual marvel beyond description.

Covering a staggering 1.5 lakh sq. feet built up, it consists of two basements for parking & eleven floors. Curtain glazing has been used to have a panoramic view outside. SW side fa├žade has been sheltered from the blistering heat and double glazed windows have been used throughout as well to cut on the heat gain. Stack parking has been used as a smart solution for lack of space.

The building has its own observatory deck with a terrace garden, to enjoy the view from the top, surrounded in nature along with a gym creating a refreshing space for the user.