Sapna Kitchens Building  |  Area - 770 sq. yds   |  Gurgaon, India, 2019

Located in Gurugram & spread across 770 sq. yds, this building consists of a basement, stilt & three floors. Modern Architecture using exposed members is the theme of this building that renders it a sophisticated look.

The Commercial area is divided vertically into a basement consisting of parking and services for the building. The stilt floor consists of walk-in double height entrance and parking for clients. Three Floors are dedicated for office space and an experience centre. The entire building is based out of the Materials and Services that Sapna Kitchen Provides, each and everything one sees inside and outside the building is a part of an Experience / Story. The terrace of the Experience Centre is also a part of the Story where the owner can showcase their pergolas and different features that they have to offer.

Built using modern materials like metal members, perforated and punctured aluminium panels, it makes for an aesthetic marvel. Glass has been used to accentuate the fa├žade, leaving the onlookers mesmerised.