Sovereign Tower  |  Area - 5300 sq. m.   |  Noida, India, 2019

Located in the prime area of greater Noida highway for easy access, the SovereignTower is spread across an area of 5300 square meters. Following a post modern architecture theme, it consists of two basements & seventeen floors.

Emphasis has been laid on creating the perfect “Balance” as the entire complex is air conditioned with a cooling tower system. The façade envelope has been composed of 3 different types of DGU glass to cut on heat gain. The building has a platinum rating of LEED CERTIFICATION. The site has been divided into 2 zones, one being private(office) and the other being public for commercial use. The public zone (commercial area) comprises a gym, cafeteria and a rooftop garden which pleases the eye of the user of the office.

Two levels of stackable parking, a rooftop garden along with a gym & the use of double glazing glass across the tower adds to the grandeur factor.