Hotel Madin  |  Area - 2000 sq. m.   |  Varanasi, India, 2014

The interiors of this magnificent hotel are based out of Rich- contemporary style. It is adept with Stone and Wood Claddings, infused with modern Contemporary Chandeliers that are further integrated with luminous lighting.

The Hotel faces harsh Sun rays of the South-West sun and in order to mitigate the heat gain inside the building Stone Panelling and corrugated and perforated Zinc Cladding has been used on the exterior. A customised material palette comprising zinc cladding covering the service area, stone panelling & texture paint has been vividly used throughout the hotel. Since the Area is meant to refresh the users, a Green wall has been installed. Along with it, an infinity pool overlooking the city of lights on the North end of the building, has been built situated atop, away from the hustle bustle of the city. Comprising two restaurants, one at the ground floor & one at the rooftop, this hotel has features like fountains, Water Features, an Aquarium Rejuvenating the interiors of the Hotel.

Monumental cut-outs are planned in the building thus making a vertical connection via large hung chandeliers & glass lifts. Gym, Spa, Sauna have been planned in such a way that it overlooks the Greens of Varanasi. This hotel is a stunning & tranquil escape from the usual commotion of the cities.