Delhi Public School  |  Area - 1 Acre   |  Gurgaon, India, 2018 to Ongoing

Following an unconventional theme, brutalism architecture has been implemented in this school. Situated in Gurugram, it has an intriguing monolithic structure.

The facade delineates a melange of hues through the colourful frames installed, rendering the true concept of the school building. The design then is integrated with double glazed windows to cut down on heat further. Playfulness of spaces and zoning has been done with the provision of double height entrance for grandeur effect, roof top sports activities along with a swimming pool ( vertical construction) and running track on the entrance porch. It was a smart move to utilize the setback area resulting in extremely efficient planning.

In addition to it, a centralised air conditioning system was set up to maintain a pleasant temperature throughout the day. To maximise cross ventilation, the facade is open from all four sides. The school unabashedly sets a quintessential example in institutional buildings.