SDA House  |  Area - 500 Sq. Yds.   |  New Delhi, India, Ongoing

Mr. Yadav’s house is located in the centre of Gurgaon & spreads over 500 sq. yds. The client’s brief for the project was extremely simple & straightforward as he wanted a sustainable and natural looking house.

The first inspiration was drawn from the use of brick work from the ‘YVES SAINT LAURENT MUSEUM’, but later on it developed to another taste for material palette. For the use of stone paint and wood, a fusion of classical and modern style was implemented. It aided to achieve a unique facade which reflects a calm and soothing vibe to it. As the plot was south-west facing, we had to come up with a facade design which helps in cutting down on the heat.

Thoroughly playing with volumes, the level of heat gain has been reduced in the building, resulting in increase in the aesthetic appeal. To execute a menacing look as per the client’s need, a double heightened main entrance door has been used to help with the glory of the building.