DLF Phase 4 House  |  Area - 540 Sq. Yds.   |  Gurgaon, India, Ongoing

This 540 sq. yds. plot in the DLF city Gurugram is a visual treat. This exuberant rendition of a residential space is efficiently planned and adopts a modern scheme of design. Apart from being an aesthetic marvel, it is fully equipped to create a cool envelope of atmosphere & privacy within the building.

Two different kinds of screening have been used to cut down on the scorching heat. Played with aluminium and stone the building has two different materials, which creates a beautiful contrast in both appeal and colour. While designing this residence, a lot of focus has been laid on the ventilation in all the rooms and other areas. A sunken courtyard has been dug up in the basement to increase the fresh flow of wind on the lower floor as well. To further enhance the air flow throughout the building, a central courtyard has been built in compliance with the Venturi effect. The installation of a water body right at the entrance of the residence exudes a grandeur like no other.

This residence is testimony of a perfect balance between form and function.