Punjabi Bagh House  |  Area - 500 Sq. Yds.   |  New Delhi, India, Ongoing

Situated in New Delhi, this tranquil dwelling's structural strategy and material palette are influenced by modern rich-contemporary architecture. This lavish residence diligently follows the intricacies of “Form & Function – Are equally important” ideology.

The exterior of the residence is the outcome of Huge Drawing & Dining Rooms, Master Bedrooms and Lavatories planned in the front of the building. The boundary wall blends in with the overall design, thus creating harmony throughout the site. This residence is the reflection of the larger idea of integrating the aesthetics of a modern building into the fragile urban ecology. The wall adjacent to the cut-out is covered with lush greens to keep the freshness in the building throughout the day and also escalates the view from the rooms. While designing this residence, a lot of attention has been given on the ventilation & light flow in all the rooms and other areas. Movable wooden louvre has been used to enhance the wind flow and also to control the light inflow.