Rao residence  |  Area - 500 Sq. Yds.   |  Gurgaon, India, Ongoing

This 500 sq. yard residence is designed intrinsically, drawing inspiration from post-modern Architecture. The entire building has been enveloped in a white sheet, to complement its minimalistic approach.

Efficiently planned, this residence has been created with a strong practical edge. It is tied together using a curated mix of ingenious & contemporary elements whilst staying true to the contemporary period & needs. A walk-in closet has been built for each room and the space is built in such a way that the sky light enriches it with natural light. In addition to this there is a gym & entertainment room at the top floor. Further, the rooftop is attributed with beautiful landscaping along with an open and closed sit out area. Special care has been taken of the cooling system within the residence in the form of VRV Air Conditioning for centralised cooling.

This residence is the perfect amalgamation of form and function.