White House  |  Area - 680 Sq. Yds.   |  Noida, India, Ongoing

This plush residence situated in M block, DLF has been designed using an interesting take on the concept “OUTSIDE-IN” Following a modern design language, this residence is a visual treat for the onlookers.

Catering to the demands of the clients, a masterpiece was built where the user doesn’t feel the need to go out. Complete privacy has been given from the outside and lush greenery and earthy richness was introduced within. Large verandas with lush greens were designed which were open from above to connect with the sky. Perforations in random scale have been provided around the building which act as air intake. A central courtyard system which is completely open to the sky helps with wind circulation and keeps the home cool at all times. Special care has been taken of the cooling system within the residence in the form of VRV Air Conditioning for centralized cooling.

Modern amenities like walk-in closets for each room, a terrace garden along with a swimming pool and a double-heighted entrance door are the striking features of this residence.