Southcity Residence  |  Area - 500 Sq. Yds.   |  Gurgaon, India, Ongoing

The concept behind the design of the residence situated in Gurugram, can be looked as a punctured cube with large openings. Modern contemporary architecture has been implemented throughout the expanse.

The residence has two major materials in play, wood and metal using stone texture paint as base. The client was sceptical about their privacy so methods like sliding privacy wooden panels were introduced in the balcony which will not only add to the aesthetics of the fa├žade but act as a vertical shading system and flexible privacy panel. The double-heighted driveway is decorated with a blanket of green wall integrated with lights to execute a warm feeling while entering the residence. The front lawn of the house has a staircase leading to a beautifully landscaped sunken basement where small gathering can be arranged by a water feature and a fireplace.

A remarkable feature of this residence is the open area on the second floor that has lush greens overlooking the street. The residence is an exemplary sustainable design with a hint of modernity.