G BLOCK, DLF Phase 1 House  |  Area - 500 Sq. Yds.   |  Gurgaon, India, Ongoing

Situated in Gurugram, this 500 sq. yd residence is the epitome of grace & grandeur. Constructed using post-modern architecture ethics, this fortress-like project design dominates its surroundings with its seamless and bold design.

The client had a taste for Bold, Strong and Minimalist Design. The material pallet thus majorly consists of Wood and Stone, while a small proportion of Metal was used to give a highlighting feature. This involved detaching and re-figuring 2 voluminous cubes of wood and stone. The residence is zoned vertically from basement to rooftop. The basement has been designed for social gatherings and entertainment. The Stilt floor has ample amount of parking along with a home-Office and a Beautiful front lawn. Another interesting element is the main gate which is designed to blend in with the boundary wall and add up as a feature to the fa├žade. However, the most remarkable feature of the residence is the rooftop garden and bar with a closed and open garden.

The residence has been built as a benchmark conducive to the experience and aesthetics of a luxurious residence.