Todd Residence  |  Area - 1000 Sq. Yds.   |  Gurgaon, India, 2015

This excellent milestone located in the hustle and clamour of Gurugram appears extremely distinct amongst all the neighbouring undertakings.

The client's brief was quite candid where he desired a house which reflected minimalism at its absolute best while converging with the sky. The notion was to outline a house with robust attributes and voluminous light-filled living spaces including comfortable reading nooks and unique indoor/outdoor seating areas.

The convergence of the building with the sky was achieved by the use of Fibre Optics lighting integrated with the white painted wall on the front facade. Omitting smaller cubes from the bigger ones provided the building with openings and punctures which allowed natural light to touch every corner of the house.

It's a not only material but an ideological retreat - an intergenerational home for social events with loved ones to harvest enduring recollections. Todd House has been built as a benchmark conducive to the experience and aesthetics of a luxurious residence.